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Jung-woo Sohn, Ph.D. (손정우, 孫政佑, jwsohn@nekocloud.com)

Welcome to my homepage!

After graduation from Penn State, I currently work as a Software Engineer in the bioinformatics team at the ATCC Center for Translational Microbiology (ATCC-CTM). I like computing in general (such as using Linux, programming in Java or Python) and I enjoy listening to music, especially classics and jazz.

When the weather outside is nice, I often go out bicycling. While still at novice level, I also like practicing the piano.

If you want to further learn about me, check out the following links:


List of courses I taught as an instructor at Penn State. Links contain selected teaching materials. Answer keys are available for instructors on request.


My primary research interest focuses on understanding of human decision-makings (trading) over online marketplaces, using research methods from economics and computer science. At ATCC-CTM, I am building a high-performance genomic analysis pipeline system for my work as a software engineer.

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My resources

Ph.D. dissertation writing helper
Another dissertation writing guide for Ph.D. students. Work in progress.
Research process: A 1998 Nissan Altima example
How to solve a car-repair problem like a formal research process. Presented at Academic Writing Workshop hosted by KSEA (2014)